Feature Enhancements

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1 Watt Underwater LED Light, Installed | $200

3 Watt Underwater LED Light, Installed | $300


The addition of lighting to a waterscape feature allows owners to experience the full enjoyment of their waterfeature at night.

To ensure years of carefree enjoyment, we only use the highest quality LED light fixtures with a full five year replacement warranty and an estimated 40,000 hour lifespan. These fixtures are super energy efficient with only about a 20% operating cost compared to a traditional halogen light.

Landscape lighting 2

Additional Stream

Per Foot of Stream |$300


Waterscapes become the focal point of any backyard. The waterfalls bring the excitement of sound and crashing water into a variety of settings, but streams are the enticement for all the wondrous wildlife we cherish.

Birds, butterflies, and dragonflies add color and use the slow moving water of the stream to bathe and drink. Pets also love drinking the fresh, cool, naturally filtered water. Adding a stream to a water feature gives it the natural look of a mountain creek with multiple falls.


Additional Waterfall Height

Upgrade your waterfall height | $1,500 per foot

Our packages include standard sizing but there are many options available to choose from. We offer larger, more dramatic waterfalls by installing extra footage to the height.



Starting at $5,000

Let us create an aquadeck feature to enhance your pond/waterfall package.


Additional Features and Add-On's

  • Waterlilies Installed $50
  • Marginal Aquatic Plants Installed $15
  • Fish Package $150 includes a mix of six (5”-6”) Shubunkins & Sarassa
  • Fish Cave $400  (This upgrade provides your finned pets a place for shelter and protection.)
  • String Algae Elimination System Installed $750.
    Have you ever had string algae? Don’t worry, with this system you never will.
  • Bottom Aeration System Installed $750.
     Add additional oxygen to your pond for optimal fish Pond  Health.
  • Power head bottom jet system $375 each
    Create a bottom current to keep bottom debris moving towards your intake filter. Your fish will also love swimming against the current.
  • Driftwood Upgrade starts at $275

We will help you choose the items that fit your climate, location and maintenance needs. Contact us today to get started.