Bring your yard to life

At Living Waters, we strive to transcend creativity to give our clients a truly unique and custom-tailored experience. With that said, if you’re looking to add an air of elegance to your home’s scenery, consider employing our pond and garden products. From koi ponds and fountains to outdoor kitchens and waterfalls, the options are endless. Though we know the installation and design process can seem daunting, our expertise coupled with our guidance ensures that operations are stress-free. Beginning with a design consultation, we get to know our clients’ needs, in turn bringing their visions to fruition. Give us a call today at 941-484-8071 to breathe new life into your garden.

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Improve your outdoor living space

Are you looking to improve your outdoor living space? Would you like to add outdoor features to your yard or business, to give hours of enjoyment or curb appeal? Ponds Fountains and Koi Ponds from Living Waters Pond and Garden may be just what you need. Perhaps you have dreamed of cooking outdoors, or spending evenings by a fire? They can also design and install customized outdoor firepits and fireplaces. Whether you prefer a simple feature on a modest budget, or you have a vision of greatness, Living Waters Pond and Garden will help you to enhance your property. Conveniently located in Venice, Florida, they serve the areas surrounding Venice and Sarasota. Installing a pond, fountain, firepit or fireplace will provide enjoyment for years to come. To get started with your custom consultation to find the perfect outdoor feature for your yard, visit, stop by their store, or call (941) 484-8071 today!

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Outdoor Kitchens and Sturdy Materials

Setting up an outdoor kitchen can be rewarding. What can be more energizing than being able to prepare delicious foods for guests and family members outside? What can make your backyard look more enticing than a full kitchen? If you want to establish an outdoor kitchen that works nicely for you, you need to prioritize top-quality material selection. It’s critical to concentrate on materials that are sturdy and that can tolerate all kinds of weather factors. It’s critical to look into materials that aren’t susceptible to discoloration brought on by the rays of the sun. If you want to browse the best materials possible, you can contact the staff at Living Waters Pond & Garden in the center of stunning Venice, Florida. We can help you create an outdoor kitchen that will stay strong and appealing for a long while. We can help you with outdoor kitchen islands, cabinets, countertops, cooktops and barbecue grills. If you want to individualize a countertop for your food preparation space, we c

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Do you want to invest in breathtaking ponds, fountains and koi ponds anywhere in the Venice, Florida region?

Do you want to invest in breathtaking ponds, fountains and koi ponds anywhere in the Venice, Florida region? Talk to the crew here at Living Waters Pond & Garden. The introduction of water features and ponds can do so much for your outdoor space. These things can function as stunning accents. If you want to encourage people to concentrate on certain parts of your backyard, water features and ponds can help you considerably.

Water features and ponds can also strengthen views. If you adore staring at the world from the windows in your home, water features and ponds can take things to another level. The sight of water can be wonderfully soothing. It can put your mind at ease. It can even be nice to hear the sounds of H20.

Getting water features and ponds can boost property curb appeal substantially. That’s how it can simultaneously boost property value. If you want to do everything you can to make your home more attractive, a lovely pond can do the trick. Water features in general can

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Update your outdoor living spaces

When you live in the beautiful Sarasota, FL area, you are blessed to be surrounded by natural beauty. Life is good here in the Sunshine State, and it’s great to spend time outdoors in Venice and the surrounding areas.

Because of this, outdoor living spaces are extremely popular in our area. Whether you have acres of land or a smaller yard and patio, adding water to your outdoor area will make it more beautiful and relaxing. Living Waters specializes in adding ponds, fountains and Koi ponds to Florida properties.

We know that each home owner is unique, so we will work with you to find a water feature that accents the natural beauty of your property. We have options available to meet the needs of all budget ranges. Once your lovely new water feature is in place, you can enjoy the serene views and sounds of water each time you walk out into your yard. Even better, you can also see this beauty when you are indoors and you look outside.

Turn your dream of adding a water feature to your y

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Quality Weather-Resistant Outdoor Kitchens

Quality Weather-Resistant Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen can make a lovely addition to any property located in Sarasota or Venice, Florida. These kitchens can make outdoor spaces look more attractive, first of all. They can also boost functionality. People who have outdoor kitchens can host all kinds of gatherings under the sun. If you’re interested in getting an outdoor kitchen, you should look into weather-resistant options. Weather-resistant outdoor kitchens can stand the test of time in areas that our known for lots of sunlight and high spring and summer temperatures. If you want to invest in a Sarasota or Venice outdoor kitchen that won’t be subject to the negative effects of the sun’s powerful rays, then you should consider the weather-resistant path right away. Weather-resistant kitchens can safeguard your appliances, surfaces and beyond from discoloration, fading and problems in general. Cabinets that are weatherproof are often a piece of cake to maintain, too.

If you wa

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There are many ways that you can turn your backyard into a relaxing place to get away from the troubles of the world. One way to transform your space is to install ponds, fountains and koi ponds on your property.

At Living Waters, we can install a beautiful fountain or waterfall feature on your property that will make your the envy of your neighbors. We also have the ability to build a koi pond so that you can relax as you feed the fish and watch them swim in their watery world.

In addition to ponds and water features, Living Waters installs outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and landscape lighting. Our goal is to help make your home a comfortable place where you enjoy spending time.

Living Waters serves clients in Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton and the surrounding areas. Call us and let us show you how we can transform your property with a lovely pond or water feature.

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Add a water feature to your home

Do you need an idea for your Sarasota or Venice homes? Do you want an attraction that becomes a focal point and a source of conversation? To give your yard a stunning feature that will have everyone talking at your next event, why not consider adding a water feature to your property? These garden treats can be a feature like ponds fountains and Koi ponds. Your home will be an amazing source of restful fun when you have a little lake that you can fish in or a spectacular pond that you can relax by when you want to be alone.

Your home will look amazing with a spectacular fountain that creates a waterfall blocking out traffic noise and the sound of the neighbor’s lawn mower. Any living water option will be an exceptional addition to your home. You might even add a little more value to your property with a boost in curb appeal. Any upgrades in this area can give you a solid return on investment. The key is to find an idea that matches the style of your property and fits into the lifestyle

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Enjoy the Outdoors in Your Outdoor Kitchen
Is it possible to have an outdoor kitchen? Yes, and many people enjoy the benefits of being able to cook and eat outside. At Living Waters, we take pride in helping homeowners choose outdoor cooking facilities that add to the functionality of their property.

The Benefits of Cooking Outdoors
While most people are accustomed to preparing and enjoying meals indoors, being outside during this time has its benefits. One of the ways you can enjoy your time in your outdoor kitchen is that there is a change in scenery during mealtime. While outside, you can appreciate beautiful sunsets and manicured landscapes, especially your Ponds, Fountains and Koi Ponds. The sound of water is always relaxing and invokes a sense of peace.

Another way to enjoy outdoor cooking is that you can experience nature and enjoy the warm weather. The tropical temperatures that Florida boasts about, coupled with the many elements of nature, make having an outdoor kitchen a

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If you are looking for a fabulous way to improve the overall look of your yard, a great idea is to install a gorgeous water feature. Many Venice and Sarasota area homes have lovely landscaping with a healthy lawn and well-maintained flowerbeds or gardens. However, even with your effort to maintain your front and rear yards, you may feel as though your yard lacks a defining feature that makes it truly beautiful. With the installation of ponds fountains and Koi ponds, you can give your yard a focal point that takes its style to the next level.

When you install a well-placed water feature in your front yard, you can create a focal point that adds impressive curb appeal to your home. This is a fast and easy way to take your curb appeal to a new level. Regardless of whether you install the feature in your front yard or in the backyard, you can improve your view while standing inside the home. With some water features, you can enjoy the pleasant sound of trickling water while you are outdoo

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