“Imagine having an outdoor oasis that you can visit anytime you wish. It’s possible by creating a living space on the outside of your home. In order to do this, there are a few elements to consider.

Add Privacy & Seclusion
You want your oasis to be free of prying eyes. Consider a fence or trellis that will block your property from your neighbors. It will make it that much more enjoyable to spend some time outside.

Add Peaceful Elements
Waterfalls and ponds are some of the most peaceful elements that can be added to your yard. You may want to read outside with the sound of water trickling down a stone waterfall. You may also want to spend some time each morning feeding fish that are swimming around in a pond in your backyard.

Decorate with Landscaping
You can add a lot of landscaping, too. The landscaping can add a lot of shade and color. Depending on what your yard looks like now, it might also be necessary to add shrubs to help you with seclusion efforts.

Your yard in Venice or Sarasota can start to take shape immediately. Contact Living Waters for more information.”

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